The Paleo diet, also commonly referred to as the “cave man” diet, is all about eliminating processed foods and refined sugars, taking us back to the foods our bodies were designed to eat. By eating the way our ancestors did, our bodies grow stronger, our waistbands shrink, and our minds sharpen, no longer bogged down by the unhealthy food lining most grocery shelves.  What’s on the Paleo menu? Eat all you want of grass-fed beef and free-range chicken, fish and seafood, eggs, fresh fruits and veggies, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils. Avoid processed food (soda, chips, etc.), potatoes, milk and cheese, sugar, grains, and legumes.

Anyone who has tried the Paleo diet for an extended time can vouch for how energizing it is. Most Paleo eaters can also attest to how challenging it can be to get started. Changing lifelong shopping, eating, and taste bud habits isn’t easy, but that’s where A Little Nosh helps. We’re here to provide delicious Paleo recipes, change the way you think about eating, and provide the support needed so you can stick with your Paleo lifestyle.