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Sugar Detox – Days 12, 13, and 14

I slipped a little this weekend, but it’s over now and I’ve moved on. And I’m down 5 lbs, so there’s that!

Friday breakfast was a banana with peanut butter and (unsweetened) coconut. I wasn’t sure if it would all go together well but it was really good!



I snacked on unsalted cashews and cherries.

Lunch was a treat! Chipotle, baby. And for the first time the brown rice was actually cooked perfectly. They usually serve it underdone, probably because it takes longer to cook than white rice and that’s what they’re used to. I did only intend to eat half of it but, well, I didn’t.

sugar detox lunch

For dinner we went out to a local restaurant where I got a veggie burger with no bun and a side of veggies instead of fries. Not my favorite dinner, plus I was still pretty full from my enormous lunch.

sugar detox dinner

The weekend started well, with me making another breakfast hash of onions, eggs, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and sausage.

sugar detox breakfast

But then we went out for lunch and I just really didn’t want a salad. I got a veggie sandwich with avocado and cheese. I took most of the cheese off and ate it open-faced.  It really wasn’t great and I only ate half of it, but then three of us split a nice chunk of carrot cake that was DIVINE.

For dinner we went to Denny’s because we hadn’t gone grocery shopping and the fridge was bare. Plus, kids eat free at ours on Saturday nights. I got a breakfast skillet so the only cheat in there were the white potatoes, which I’m not supposed to have.

Sunday started with a banana, and then later I heated up the leftovers of my skillet with some eggs.  I can’t remember at all what I had for lunch, even though it was just yesterday. Dinner was a turkey burger on mixed greens, and dessert was delicious sweet cantaloupe.

So, even though I cheated a bit this weekend, I still think I made some decent choices. It’s all about balance, right?

Sugar Detox – Day 11

I’m maybe getting my groove back, in that I actually made dinner tonight! The surprising thing was that Carter ate it without a fight. He noticed there was something different about the meatballs and he asked if there was onion in them. I said no and he left it alone. Thankfully he didn’t ask what the green stuff was because then he would have just turned up his nose when I told him it was zucchini.


Breakfast was a breakfast casserole with scrambled egg. Yummy, filling, good.


Mid-morning snack: some unsalted cashews. I’ve grown to love them.



The cashews filled me up enough that I really didn’t want lunch so I just ate a banana.


Dinner was supposed to be chicken and zucchini meatballs, but they turned into chicken and zucchini patties instead. I served mine over a salad with balsamic and olive oil.  Chris had his with marinara and quinoa pasta, and Carter had marinara and macaroni. 


Getting closer to the end. What am I going to treat myself to when this is over???

Sugar Detox – Day 10

Day 10 was another bust. I know what I need to do to be successful but for some reason (laziness!) I’m not doing it. I’m still commited to the detox, and I haven’t eaten anything I shouldn’t, but I’m not eating thoughtful, balanced meals. At all.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs and fruit.


Mid-morning snack was cashews. And lots of them.

Lunch was a salad with chicken on it. I had my balsamic and olive oil so I enjoyed it while Carter had Chick-fil-a nuggets right across from me. He has pink eye again so he came to work with me.

Dinner was supposed to be chicken meatballs but I didn’t realize Chris had put the ground chicken in the freezer so it wasn’t defrosted. Therefore, I cut up a personal watermelon and ate half of it. Because that’s a healthy dinner. Gah.


Of course I was still hungry later so I had some more cashews.

Give me motivation!

Sugar Detox – Day 9

I’m not doing as great during this detox as I was the last one. It’s not that I’m not motivated, because I am. I just can’t get myself to plan ahead, and prep my food. I’m annoying myself.

Breakfast on Day 9 was a breakfast casserole with sausage (turkey), mushrooms, onions, sweet potatoes, and coconut milk (along with some seasonings).  I added some scrambled eggs on top. It was pretty good.


Mid-morning I had some fruit leftover from a meeting, and a bunch of mixed nuts.


Lunch was just two chicken legs/thighs. Totally not a well-balanced meal but it’s what I was in the mood for.


Dinner sucked. I took some puffed brown rice cereal, almond milk, blueberries, and coconut flakes. I’m trying but I just really don’t like almond milk. It ruined it. I didn’t even take a picture of it because it was a total bust.

Sugar Detox – Day 8

Today was a weird day for me. It started off great with a wonderful breakfast, but mid-day was lame, and then it ended with a wonderful dinner. I really need to work on lunches. Any ideas on what I can bring to work?

So, breakfast was leftover hash (is that what you’d call it?) from the other night, but this time I mixed 2 raw eggs into it and microwaved it at work, stirring every 20 seconds or so. It looks disgusting but it was the BOMB. Gotta make that again.


Late morning I had some carrots and sugar snap peas, along with some mixed nuts (not pictured, obviously).


After the veggies and nuts I wasn’t really hungry for lunch so mid-afternoon I just had an apple with peanut butter. Peanut butter’s a tricky thing on this detox…it’s hard to find ones with only 1 ingredient. This one has added salt which is fine, but most of them have oil and sugar also, unless you use the fun machine at WholeFoods to process your own.  Or you make your own peanut butter at home!


My husband took over dinner last night and he did a fine job.  Cauliflower mash topped with sauteed kale and mushrooms, with a piece of salmon on topped.  The salmon was seasoned with salt, pepper, and tamari.



For dessert I just had some leftover apples and almonds that I made the night before.  I ate it cold and it was even yummier, though the almonds got a little chewy.