Sugar Detox – Day 7

Totally slacked on photos today, but here’s a quick rundown of what I ate on Sunday (Day 7).

Breakfast. Was. Not. Good.  I made kasha for the first time, not really knowing what to expect. I was thinking it would have a barley-ish texture but not so much. I was sort of mushy and not good at all. I made it with blueberries and coconut flakes and choked it down. Really, I should have just made something else.

I’m going to look for some sort of patty or something I can make with the plain kasha leftovers I have. Maybe sneak it into a burger or something. Thoughts?

Lunch was some leftover rice and veggies from the other night, plus I added some shredded chicken to it.

I must have had a mid-afternoon snack but I didn’t take any pics and don’t remember making one. Maybe I didn’t, because I was hungry around 4:45 for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, I made Cauliflower Fried Rice. It wasn’t bad. There weren’t any leftovers, if that tells you anything.  I stuck some cauliflower in the food processor until it was a rice texture and cooked it up with some veggies and such, and added tamari (gluten-free soy sauce) and chicken.  It was really simple.


Dessert was a Granny Smith apple diced up and cooked with cinnamon and a splash of vanilla, with slivered almonds added at the last minute. I should have toasted the almonds.


Sugar Detox – Day 6

Today was a big cheating day. My brother just retired (at 43 years old!) and my SIL threw him a surprise retirement party. I knew there would be lots of food there that wasn’t on the approved detox list, and I just made myself okay with that. I did what I could and enjoyed myself, and then got back on track.

Breakfast was a delicious concoction that one of the ladies in my detox group suggested. I’d like to take a better picture so I can blog the recipe, but it’s got red pepper, green pepper, onion, mushrooms, and kale with some seasoning, and it was yummy with a runny egg on top!


I had a handful of grapes before we left the house for the party. No picture of them. You know what grapes look like.

For lunch at the party I had some chicken, a little bit of baked beans, a little bit of potato salad, a little bit of cole slaw, and just the top of my corn muffin. I really wanted the corn muffin in a bad way, but ate just the top part since that’s my favorite and gave the rest to Chase. Compromise, right?


Then I had to have a slice of cake, though right after I kind of regretted having such a big piece. It was yummy. Unfortunately, I scarfed it down so fast I barely remember eating it. I should have savored it since it’ll be my last for a while.


When we got home and got the kids bathed (lord were they dirty!) and put to bed, I had an apple with some peanut butter.


I really didn’t eat a lot of food today, and even though I had some unapproved foods, I’m proud that stayed away from the chips and didn’t overindulge in anything other than too much of that cake.

Oh, and I had a cookie too. My mom made them from my grandmother’s recipe and I needed to make sure they tasted right. (Okay, fine. We both know that’s not true…I just wanted a cookie.)

Sugar Detox – Day 5

I tell ya, I sure don’t miss that mid-afternoon slump I had when I was eating donuts and sandwiches. I lived in denial saying it wasn’t what I was eating; it was my lack of sleep. Yeah, apparently that’s not the case because my sleep schedule is the same, but my food is different and I’m not ready for a nap at 2:00 every day after lunch.

I really need to plan better this weekend for the upcoming week. I found myself scrambling a little especially today with what to eat because I didn’t plan ahead well enough.

Breakfast was a banana when I woke up and then I made a breakfast of puffed whole grain brown rice, coconut milk, coconut flakes (unsweetened), slivered almonds, and strawberries. It wasn’t bad! It gave me that hearty feeling I’ve been craving and it filled me for a few hours so I consider it a success.


My camera died mid-morning so I didn’t get a pic of lunch, but it was mixed greens, sliced grilled chicken, a hard-boiled egg, and broccoli. I only ate half of it because it was so damn bland and boring. I didn’t even have my balsamic and olive oil with me to make it better. Lesson learned.

For dinner we picked up a rotisserie chicken and made some veggies and rice medley for the side.


And then dessert was just a little applesauce pouch. Blah.


If you’ve made it this far, I’m impressed. These cell phone pics are the WORST! I need to figure out how to take better cell pictures. Any tips?

Sugar Detox – Day 4

We’re trucking along…Day 4!

Breakfast was some Bob’s Red Mill 5 grain hot cereal. Not detox-friendly but it’s all whole grains and clean food so I ate it. And with the blueberries it was delicious without any sweetener. After the detox I’m looking forward to having it with milk, though coconut milk and almonds would have been good in there with the blueberries.


Snack time were these nuts that I found. One container full of my favorites!


Lunch was leftovers from last night and an oatmeal bar.


Dinner was leftover shrimp (finally used it all up!) tossed in pesto, over mixed greens with balsamic and olive oil.


Then for dessert I had some grapes. They were perfectly firm and yummy, though the skin was a little tough. Weird.


Sugar Detox – Day 3

This weaning week has been pretty successful thus far. Hey, no runs to 7-11 for an apple fritter = success, right??

Breakfast was 2 eggs scrambled with kale, and scarfed down while the little one screamed at me begging for a bite. And every time I’d give him one, he spit it out.  But one of the goals is to eat within an hour of waking, so I made it happen.


My first snack of the day came a few hours later. I’m used to waiting until I get to work to eat breakfast, and it’s usually something big like a bagel, an apple fritter, an EggMcMuffin, etc., so I was already hungry by the time 9:30 rolled around.


And really, a banana only fills you for so long so I needed ANOTHER snack about an hour before lunch.


Lunch was leftover shrimp on top of mixed greens with balsamic and olive oil.


Right after lunch I just felt like I really wanted something sweet and more filling than a salad, so I dipped into my snack stash for another of those yummy oatmeal bars. I’ll be sure to leave them at home next week for the true detox!


Around 3:30 I started to feel like I should eat something so I could last until I could get home and eat dinner, and I’m glad I did because I didn’t wind up eating until 7:00.


I sort of impressed myself with dinner. I cooked up some chicken tenderloins and then mixed it in with kale and a brown rice/wild rice/quinoa mix, and dressed it with balsamic and olive oil, and some salt. It was quite tasty and filling! Make do with whatcha got, right?


And then for some end-of-the-night sweetness, a few mandarin oranges (in 100% juice) did the trick.


Have you ever done a sugar detox? What was your experience?