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Hi, I’m Amy.

And this is my kitchen:

Hi! I’m a working mom to a five-year-old (and now a baby on the way!) who keeps me smiling every day, and wife to a handsome, funny, smart husband. I live in the Washington, DC suburbs in a tiny condo, with an equally tiny kitchen (hence, the “two-butt kitchen”). I don’t have time (or space) for fancy schmancy recipes, so most of what you’ll see here are very simple and user-friendly recipes.

What you’ll find here is the food my family eats.  Plain and simple.  Usually it’s healthy; sometimes it’s not.  Usually it’s quick and easy, sometimes it’s not.  Usually it’s less processed; sometimes it’s not.  But it’s our reality.  Hope you stick around and find something you like.

Want me to try one of your recipes and write about it? Have an awesome food-related item you’d like me to try? Shoot me an email at alittlenosh AT gmail.com.

Feel free to use my photos, but please be sure to provide a link back and give me appropriate credit.  Thanks!

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