Last Minute Creative Valentines (on the cheap!)

Looking for a cheap, creative last-minute Valentine idea? Look no further!

I didn’t want to do the same store-bought superhero valentines that every other little boy has so I went to my favorite friend, Pinterest, looking for ideas that I could actually pull off. I saw a bunch of personalized photo cards that people had done and loved that idea. Plus, you don’t need to be crafty to do it!

I went to Target and got a 24-pack of robot pencils for $3.  Then I came home, took Carter outside and stood him against a brick wall, and took a few pictures of him. You’ll want to do the pictures vertically so they can support the length of the pencil, and if you have the ability, it’s a cute look to have your aperture wide open so the hand comes out a bit blurry (Carter’s hand got a little blown out but do as I say, not as I do!)…gives it a better 3D look that way.

I uploaded the picture to PicMonkey, cropped it, resized it to be 4×6, and then added some text.  Next step was to upload to Target  Photo’s site to pick up in the store. They were having a photo sale so I was able to get 24 pictures for another $3.  30 minutes later I got an email that the photos were done and I left to go pick them up.

I thought I could use a hole punch to make the holes for the pencil but when I inserted the pencil it made the photo way too bendy. So don’t do that.

Instead, I took the Internet’s advice and used an Exacto knife to score two 1/2″ lines along the top and bottom of his hand.  That worked perfectly!

valentine pencil holder For $6 and almost no time at all, we have a very cute, personalized Valentine. And there’s no candy so it conforms to a lot of new school rules.

Looking for more last-minutes Valentine ideas? Check out my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board for more (including some awesome Minecraft valentines!)



  1. Biz

    OMG, that is such a great idea! Love it! I know, when my daughter was little (she’s almost 22) we could bring anything for snacks/treats, etc. By the time she was in 4th grade only store bought stuff was allowed, and then by 6th grade – no candy at all!

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