Lunch Day 3

3 days in and it seems we’re already in a rut, doesn’t it? Truth is, Carter tells us what he wants in his lunch and, like my husband, he likes pretty much the same thing every day.

Today’s lunch:

lunch3 Half of a turkey sandwich, Triscuits, grapes, cheese cubes, cooked carrots, and a fortune cookie. The carrots came home yet again. He claimed the ice pack made them hard again so he didn’t like them. I think we’re gonna have to get a small Thermos for warm veggies, since that seems to be the only way he’ll eat them.



  1. Vanderbilt Wife

    My daughter is SO finicky about veggies and going to a preschool where they really push sending dairy, fruit, and veggie for lunch. I may have to do the same thing. She has texture issues and MIGHT try the veggie if it’s cooked.

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