BOLD Organics Pizza Review

Do you keep “convenience food” in your freezer?  Typically, we don’t.  Except for the Tyson dinosaur nuggets that have saved many lunchtime disasters.  I especially don’t usually keep pizza in the freezer because it takes up so much space.  Yes, it’s flat space, but it’s space nonetheless.

However, when BOLD Organics asked me to try their pizza for free and give my opinion, I couldn’t say no.  Hello?  Free food? Sign me up!

The best part was that a new MOM’s Organic Market had just opened up in the next town over, and that’s one of the few stores that carries this brand.  A perfect opportunity to check out the new store, and get a (hopefully) yummy lunch in the process.

(As an aside, the store was just…meh.  The prices were pretty high, and it smelled heavily of patchouli and earth. They did have a large variety of produce, though, so we had fun poking around there. And we picked up some bulk split peas for soup for a good price.)

bold pizza

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it?  The BOLD Organics pizzas are gluten-free and dairy-free, which usually scares me off. But I forged ahead and it actually was pretty good. The crust was actually quite excellent; I never would have known it was gluten-free.  The seasonings and roasted veggies were great, also. One complaint (and it may have been user error) was that the cheese/sauce was a little…slimy.  The directions say to broil the pizza at the end of the cooking time and I didn’t do that, so perhaps that’s why the texture was that way.  I don’t know.

My other complaint was the size of this pizza.  I bought it with the intention of my husband and I splitting it for lunch, but it was not nearly large enough. The box is quite a bit bigger than the pizza, so that was a little disappointing.  Maybe if we’d had a huge salad or something with it we could have stretched it to feed both of us, but not on its own.

If you want to try the pizza, there’s a coupon on their Facebook page.

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