Eggs with Collard Greens and Bacon (CSA Friday)


Another week, another fun batch of produce from Great Country Farms. I’m going to feel a real hole in my life when the CSA shares end in a few weeks. Thursdays are so fun…it’s like getting a present every week!  I love not knowing what’s going to be in the box (I purposely don’t go to their Facebook page until after I receive my box so I don’t get an spoilers).  Here’s this week’s haul:

Last week we had a bunch of collard greens, and I made some soup with them.  They get very tender in soup and I just love it.  I was craving a nice savory omelet the other night so I chopped up some collard greens and sauteed them with butter and salt.  Then I added some cooked, chopped turkey bacon with a few eggs and made what was supposed to be an omelet.  But it turned into scrambled eggs.  It happens.

The combination was delicious.  The greens were earthy and the bacon was salty, and the eggs were light and fluffy.  I think I’ll be making that again a few times this weekend, especially now that we have Swiss chard too!

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