CSA Friday 10/12


One more week to go!  I can’t believe our CSA season is almost over.  It’s been so much fun, and so interesting.  We have enough potatoes to last us through the next few months, and the apples have been AMAZING.

Anyone know what that big squash on the left is?

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  1. Delora

    Looks like Kabocha to me. Mild like an Acorn squash, but with a slightly creamier texture. I’ve made soup with them, and also halved them and stuffed them like an acorn squash. I’m a big fan of a ground sausage, apple, and cubed bread stuffing in squash.

  2. Denise @WholemadeGoodness

    Actually, the large squash is a buttercup squash — we use Great Country Farms too and I took a note of the label when picking up our share last week. I haven’t opened this one yet, but it is supposed to be sweeter than other winter squash. Have you tried yours yet?

    • Amy

      Thanks Denise! Good to know! I haven’t tried it yet. It’s still sitting in the center of our dining room table with all the other fancy squash.

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