#BlogHer12 in Pictures

Walking in Central Park with Marty:

Lunch with Jill and Marty:

View from our room on the 19th floor:

Playing in the HotWheels suite with Alex from Late Enough:

Lunch from a food truck:

Meeting The Lorax:

Breakfast with Dannon:

Loved this sign from a restaurant we went to:

CheeseburgHer silliness:

BlogHer was a lot of fun.  For me, it was more of a girls’ weekend than an opportunity to learn more about blogging.  The sessions were just too crowded and I didn’t have it in me to elbow my way into each room.  I spent a lot of time with new friends and old, walking around New York, eating great food and just being me.  And it was WONDERFUL.


  1. Diane Balch

    So funny, I found the socializing overwhelming and I enjoyed the sessions. I just arrived early and I got a seat no problem. I spent evenings enjoying the bathtub and eating Neuhaus chocolates. I also found a really good sushi restaurant. I enjoyed having some quiet time without kids.

  2. Sam

    I LOVE Alice’s Tea Cup. Taking people there for tea and scones is, if I’m honest, the reason I really like to have guests. I’m glad you enjoyed the city!

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