Cucumber Snackers


Welcome back to CSA Friday!  This week’s CSA share from Great Country Farms is so great.  The melons smell amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on those potatoes.  The red ones we got a few weeks ago were fantastic and buttery.  I quartered them, boiled them until soft, and tossed them in butter, garlic, and salt.  Perfection.

The one challenge I’m having is the huge amount of cucumbers that we’ve gotten the past few weeks.  You can’t really COOK with cucumbers, and there’s only so much you can add to salad.  So what I’ve been doing is bringing them to work and making little cucumber snackers.

cucumber snacks

Cucumber Snackers



  1. Spread cream cheese on cucumber slices. Sprinkle with dill.

It’s not fancy but it’s a great between-meal snack.  Have a great weekend!


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