Tastetastic Thursday 5/10

I’m so proud of my husband.  He’s just finished up two big competitions in a row…one at University of Virginia and one at West Point.  And not only did he do well, his team won both competitions in their category!  (He’s a Systems Engineering student and the competitions had to do with the senior project he’s been working on for the past year.)  One more semester and we’ll have another college graduate in the house.  It’s such a testament to his drive and determination that he left his job three years ago to go back to school full-time, and not only get straight A’s for most semesters, but to continue to give it all he’s got semester after semester.  He’s amazing.

But enough gushing about my hunky guy, let’s do some gushing over some food!
I love that she uses Greek yogurt in place of oil, butter, or other such nonsense.  I’m going through Greek yogurt like a fiend these days (I stir a little bit of strawberry jam in plain yogurt…so delicious!) but I’ll have to save a cup to make these brownies soon.
Chocolate Mousse from The One with the Cupcakes
Hmm…I’m starting to sense a theme this week.  I think this one called to me because of those cookies.  I love those Pepperidge Farm cookies!  And the thought of them dipped in some chocolate mousse sounds so good.
The Best {Raw} Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough from Lady with the Red Rocker
You know you eat raw cookie dough.  Don’t deny it.  I won’t, but I will say that I always have that little fear in the back of my mind.  It’s like I hear my mom’s voice telling me that the raw egg will make me sick.  Problem solved with this recipe.  It’s eggless!

Who’s ready to party? The rules are simple:
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  4. Click around, have some fun, and get inspired! 
(As always, the links show up in random order. No rewards for the early birds, or punishments for those who get there a little later.)
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  1. Jocelyn

    That is awesome job done by your husband…yea for one semester left.

    Ok, so now I am craving sugar like crazy because of those yummy features!!! Thanks for hosting!

  2. Haydn and Kristy @ Taste Buds

    thanks for hosting sweet pea!

    Apparently this week is the week of the beet! i’m totally “beeting” off on blogs all around blog land! 😉

    I’m linking up chocolate beet cake with homemade vanilla icing. Because while roasted beets are divine, roasted beets pureed into chocolate is better. obviously.

  3. Kristy Lynn

    i adore anything in mason jars. who doesn’t, really? great feature!

    This week I’ve linked up:

    1. Why I think 3 ways are always a good idea… aka Gnocchi 3 Ways: Part 1.
    2. My Spring seasonal guest post @ Seattle Seedling where I ask for a “beeting”… aka Spring Beet Bruschetta.

    What’s wrong with me? I think I need help.

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