Menu Plan Monday 5/14

I didn’t get a chance to grocery shop this weekend so we’re gonna have to make do with what we have already.  I’m sure more creative folks could whip up something wonderful and exotic, but I’ll keep it simple.  My husband’s not home for two of the nights this week so it’s just me and the boy.

We’ll start the week with some Roasted Caprese Pasta with Basil Chicken (another eMeals recipe), then have leftovers the next night.
I also defrosted some ground turkey to make chili (and cornbread) for probably the last time until Fall.
Finally, I have a ton of tuna in the pantry so I’d like to make tuna melts.  When you make tuna, do you put relish in yours?  My husband started me with doing that and I absolutely love it.  I also use 1/2 Greek yogurt, 1/2 mayo to make it a little healthier.
The other nights will be leftovers, sandwiches, and BFD.
What are you making this week?


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