Funky Monkey S’mores

It’s Secret Recipe Club time again!  I am so glad I joined this group of fantastic food bloggers, because I’m always finding something new and interesting to make.

This month I was paired with Camilla from Culinary Adventures with Camilla.  She’s a VERY adventurous cook.  In fact, she’s what I would call a fearless cook.  Throw a crazy ingredient at her, and she’ll make something wonderful and exciting with it.  I’m a little more reserved when it comes to my cooking.  But Camilla had one recipe on her site that sounded so fun, and when I suggested it to my family they were practically jumping up and down.  Enter…Funky Monkey S’mores.  Peanut butter and banana with the usual chocolate (I used dark chocolate), marshmallow, and graham crackers.  Hello!

I actually made two types of s’mores.  One was the regular Funky Monkey (the one on the bottom in the below picture) and then I did one with Nutella instead of peanut butter, and left out the chocolate bar.  So delicious!

For the record, peanut butter and bananas are AWESOME on a s’more.  In case you doubted it for even a nanosecond.

This is not a recipe, per se.  It’s just a basic guide.  You guys know how to make s’mores.  If you like dark chocolate, I definitely recommend using it.  Then just add a sliced banana (I cut it at an angle to have more surface area) and spread peanut butter on both graham crackers.  You will not regret it.

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  1. Cooking Rookie

    Wow, what a wonderful presentation! Love the photo! And I love the idea of using Nutella – it’s probably half of my daily nutrition these days :-). Great pick!

    I also want to take this opportunity to invite you to check out RecipeNewZ – a new photo-based recipe sharing network. It just launched today, and was built by your fellow SRC member 😉

    The best part of this site is: NOTHING IS REJECTED! ALL RECIPE PHOTOS ARE PUBLISHED and appear on RecipeNewZ minutes after you click Submit.

    I hope you try it: (RecipeNewZ – with Z :-))

  2. BluebonnetBaker

    Oh yeah! The last time I had peanut butter on a s’mores was at Max Brenner’s Chocolate by the Bald Man, and it was incredible. We’ve never done it at home, but I think that’s about to change.

  3. Sara

    Yum, these look so tasty! Love the idea of fancier s’mores with different ingredients – yum! By the way, I had your blog for SRC this month and made your jam oatmeal bars – delicious! Thanks for sharing a great recipe!

  4. Michelles Tasty Creations

    Oh my goodness these look sinful. I love a good S’more and I would totally love the addition of banana and peanut butter. Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday this week. I can’t wait to see what you link up next week. Have a wonderful weekend.


  5. Sarah

    Oh my goodness, drool! I think my boys would even love these! Thanks for sharing at Dwell on Joy!!! Have a great weekend 🙂

  6. Evelyn

    Ok! These are right down my hubby’s alley! I have just got to pin them to make them for him. Just hopping over from Couponing and cooking and would love for you to link this post up to my first ever blog hop. So hope to see you there!

  7. Mary Hudak-Collins

    These could easily be made into GF/allergy free. We have found a wonderful gluten and allergy free graham cracker and chocolate bars. Unless you have a corn allergy, marshmallows are fine. So many alternatives could be substituted to make your own unique ‘S’mores’☺

  8. Maria

    OOOOOHHHHH love the addition of Nutella in the s’mores!!!!! I will do this next time too, what an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hillary

    Hello Amy,
    Thanks for the Funky Monkey S’mores recipe.
    I’ll create one for sure, my kids are gonna like it 🙂
    If you don’t mind, can I submit your Funky Monkey S’mores photo in ?
    It’s a food photography site full of all DIY food pictures from members around the world. Or perhaps you’d like to submit by yourself? Let me know when you did, so I can share it.

    • Hillary

      i’m just a member there, why don’t you join foodporn yourself 😀

      you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement if you join there 🙂

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