Cracker Barrel Chicken

I know I’m not alone when I say this:  My favorite part of road trips is having breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  You know you agree.  The cheesy potatoes, the sizzling bacon, the amazing biscuits.  Such a great treat once or twice a year.

But Cracker Barrel also serves real food, as in not-breakfast.  And they have these amazing chicken tenderloins that you dream about for days afterwards.  So when I found a recipe for their chicken tenderloins, I quickly made them.  And the best part?  The tenderloins were on sale, and I had a coupon (thanks Ginger!).

Here’s how I made them:

Cracker Barrel Chicken Tenderloins
Recipe from Mommy’s Kitchen


  • 12 chicken tenderloins
  • 1 cup Italian dressing
  • 2 tsp fresh lime juice
  • 4 tsp honey
  1. In a gallon-size Ziploc bag, add the dressing, lime juice, and honey.  Seal the bag and mix around to combine.  Then add the chicken, and mix around to coat all the pieces.  Marinate in the refrigerator for one hour.
  2. Empty the bag into a large nonstick skillet, heated over medium-high heat.  Once the mixture starts to boil, reduce the heat to medium and cook for about 45 minutes, until the sauce has drastically reduced to a lovely golden glaze, stirring occasionally.

I served it over brown rice, with mixed veggies on the side.  So delicious, even the next day.  Or should I say, ESPECIALLY the next day.  I love leftovers!

What’s your favorite copycat restaurant recipe?

Prep ahead tips:  You need to plan a little ahead on this one so you can marinate the chicken for an hour.

You can find this recipe and many more at these parties and Today’s Creative Blog.
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  1. Cole

    I agree, Cracker Barrel is one of the best parts of a road trip! I haven’t tried their chicken before…but now that I can make it at home – I will! Thanks for sharing with Tuesdays at the Table!

  2. Hf

    A few years ago we were on a killer road trip with m & c, age 11 month and 2. At 945 at night we pulled in to Cracker Barrel and got M got the grilled tenderloins in his kids meal. needless to say Ed and I ate all of them. They were soooo good. since then we make one of the kids always get them so we can have a bite.

    I must try the recipe to amke them at home!

  3. JaiLyn

    I’m so going to have to make this recipe for my sister! She once planned every stop for food on a road trip from TX to SC (& back!) based entirely on Cracker Barrel locations!! Thanks for sharing this recipe and I pinned to make!

    Stopping by from Tuesdays at the Table!

  4. Joan@chocolateandmore

    I’ve never had the chicken at Cracker Barrel, we’re like you and will rarely go there for breakfast. This chicken sounds yummy! And easy. Going to have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing at It’s a Keeper.

  5. Michelles Tasty Creations

    Looks and sounds delicious! Always on the lookout for new chicken recipes. Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday this week. I can’t wait to see what you link up next week. Have a great day.


  6. bj

    I’m not sure what chicken tenderloins are….like chicken strips…??
    This sounds so good and I am going to make it this weekend.
    Over from Rattlebridge Farm..:)

  7. Ann Kroeker

    Those sound fabulous! I need to try some more main dish meat recipes. Ever since I’ve shifted to a vegetarian diet, I’ve lost all interest in cooking meat, but the family still eats it, so I still need to whip something up. This looks easy and yummy. Thanks for linking to Food on Fridays!

  8. Linda Norton

    I have been trying to figure out what Cracker Barrel marinated their chicken tenderloins in. My family gets breakfast, I get the tenderloins almost every time. I will have to try this. Thanks for sharing.

    My favorite copycat recipe was for the Alice Springs Chicken from Outback. I found a recipe on the internet. It would have been really close if I had grilled the chicken instead of baking. Yum!

  9. confused homemaker

    Great idea! I love messing with recipes & figuring out how to make my favorites at home. Those look great 🙂

    I have a Spinach & Artichoke dip recipe {posted it after Easter} that I adore, because I always love getting while I’m out for special occasions. Plus it makes a perfect addition to a party.

    {Happy SITS Sharefest!}

  10. Aramelle {One Wheeler's World}

    Mmmm…I LOVE Cracker Barrel! We typically hit it up a couple times whenever we visit MIL. I haven’t tried the chicken, but I definitely think we’ll be giving this recipe a try. Thanks for sharing!

    (Visiting from Saturday Sharefest at SITS Girls)

  11. Ashleigh

    Love me some Cracker Barrel!!! I am going to pin this. And I will try!! I came over from the cooking with Karyn Party 🙂 Linked up a few recipes too! You should check them out 🙂

    Ashleigh @ Live Gorgeously

  12. Mary Hudak-Collins

    OMG! Those look fantastic!! I would love for you to share this in my recipe hop this week. The linky is open until midnight tonight ☺ Thank you for sharing. I’m going to fit this into my menu for next week!

  13. Anonymous

    I made these for the first time the day you posted them and we are having them again for dinner tonight–thank you so much for the recipe, we love it! (I’ve never had them at cracker barrel but I know what I’m having next time I go!) I forgot to marinade them tonight so I’ll post back and let you know how it goes–I’m sure it’s better marinated but what the hey–dinner can’t wait an hour today 🙂
    I don’t have a favorite copycat recipe, although I’ve been trying to duplicate Olive Garden’s triple berry crostadas for years and haven’t quite gotten it yet. I’ll share our favorite chicken recipe instead–Rosemary Ranch Chicken kebabs, recipe from–absolutely delicious! 🙂

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