Marshmallow Harvest and Easter Egg Hunt

I’ve mentioned before that we joined a CSA this year with Great Country Farms, and as a member of the CSA we get free admission to the many events the farm hosts.  This past weekend was their Marshmallow Harvest and Easter Egg Hunt.  It was basically their Opening Day and we were super excited to go.

In case you’re confused like my dad was, we were harvesting ACTUAL marshmallows.  It was these cute little guys:

As with any Easter egg hunt, it was a bit of a madhouse, but we had a plan.  We headed straight back, skirting between the bent-over kids, right to an open area.   Carter got a bunch of eggs, but they must have spilled out by the time we got back to my husband and mother-in-law because we only made it out of the madness with 5 or 6 eggs.  But Carter didn’t care…he was happy to have the ones he had!  Some had stickers, some had candy, some had tiny finger puppets.  He was thrilled!

After working up an appetite with the hunting, we headed over to the marshmallow roasting area.  Some folks were roasting their Peeps but that idea kinda grossed me out.  They were on trees and on the ground, and lord knows who touched them.  I’m not a germaphobe by any stretch, but that just grossed me out.  So we chose the regular large marshmallows they had in a bag.

Some more fun stuff they had:

the “jumping pillow”
One of several play areas/playgrounds
A large tire hill (he was consulting his map to determine where to attack)
A lovely picnic area

A wonderful selection of local jams, jellies, honey and other goods in their general store.
There was so much more but I think I’ve posted enough pictures for one day.  They seem to have something great going on every month in addition to our CSA delivery that starts in June, so I’m looking forward to sharing a summer full of fun with you all.
Do you have any local farms you visit?
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