Tastetastic Thursday/It’s a Keeper Thursday Double Feature!

Today’s a very special Tastetastic Thursday because I’m actually co-hosting It’s a Keeper Thursday this week! 

It's a Keeper

It’s a Keeper was one of the first food blogs I started reading a little over a year ago.  I love her linkup party every week, and seeing what recipes she chooses to make throughout the week.  But before we get to the double party, I have a few recipes from last week’s linkup that I want to highlight.

Apple Walnut Bars from the Sweet Spot
I feel like this is a dessert that would be perfectly acceptable for breakfast, and that’s a concept I can stand behind.

French Toast Kabobs from Crumbs and Chaos
Kids love food on a stick, and grown-ups do too.  Why eat a piece of french toast just sitting lackluster on a plate when you can eat little chunks on a stick?

Sweet Potato Biscuits from Mo’ Betta
My husband’s aunt makes killer sweet potato biscuits every year for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We tried once to recreate them and weren’t entirely unsuccessful, but these look like they come in a close third.  Plus the heart shapes are cute.
And now it’s party party party time!  The rules are the same as usual, but this week it would be great if you’d visit It’s a Keeper and say hello, follow her on Facebook, etc.  Cool?

  1. I’d love it if you’d follow me on Facebook and/or Google Friend Connect.  
  2. Please have a link back to me on your post.  I’ll be featuring three links this weekend, but I can only feature you if there’s a link back.  
  3. Click around, have some fun, and get inspired!
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  1. Mo 'Betta

    Thanks for highlighting my sweet potato biscuits!

    I have a giveaway starting today that includes a $10 dollar gift card to Target(and cereal!) if interested 🙂

  2. Kristy Lynn

    there are so many incredible looking posts this week! Will make my way around after class 🙂

    This week I’ve posted my recipe for left over roasted veggies – stick em in an omelet and eat it for breakfast! (or supper because breakfast at dinner time is awesome).

  3. Haydn and Kristy @ Taste Buds

    Quack Quack!

    I’m not calling you a quack! I made quack quack! Little bits of roasted duck meat rolled up in a savory crepe and doused with a little strawberry, plum, blood orange sauce and topped with a wee bit of fresh crunchy arugula. Hello, beautiful 🙂

    thanks for hosting!

  4. Steph (The Cheapskate Cook)

    All of those featured recipes look delicious. French toast kabobs sounds so fun and creative too.
    I linked up my new homeamde tomato soup recipe that is dairy-free and has vegan and vegetarian options. Thanks for hosting!

  5. Katherine Martinelli

    Thanks for hosting! Can’t wait to check out all the great recipes. I linked up my Parmesan-Stuffed dates from this week. I’m also hosting a blog hop today – the theme is eggplant! Hope you’ll stop by 🙂

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