Tastetastic Thursday 3/15

I took off work today to spend time with my brother and his family at the Air and Space Museum.  Not my favorite museum in the area but the kids enjoyed running around and seeing the planes, helicopters, and “rocketships.”  Plus, it’s always nice to have a day off work when it’s 80 degrees in March.  Back to the grind tomorrow.

In the meantime, it was a lot of fun co-hosting Tastetastic Thursday last week, but I’m kind of glad to have y’all back to myself.  Here are the linkups that spoke to me this week:
Pretzel Bottomed Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Pie from AKM Designs and Delights
I know this one needs no explanation.  Salty pretzels, peanut butter cups, whole wheat flour.  Woot woot!
pancake apples 
Pancake Apples from Quick and Easy Cheap and Healthy
Love these!  I’m picking up a bunch of apples this week to make this recipe this weekend.  (Wow, that was a lot of “this” in one sentence.)  Can’t wait!
I love a sweet glaze on salmon.  It just pairs so beautifully together.  Next time salmon’s on sale I’m looking forward to making this recipe.  Plus, I’ve never bought figs before!
And now, on to the party.  The rules are simple:
  1. Please link up no more than two recipes.
  2. I’d love it if you’d follow me on Facebook and/or Google Friend Connect.  
  3. Please have a link back to me on your post.  I’ll be featuring three links this weekend, but I can only feature you if there’s a link back.  
  4. Click around, have some fun, and get inspired!
(As always, the links show up in random order.  No rewards for the early birds, or punishments for those who get there a little later.)
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  1. Winnie

    Hi Amy
    It’s my 1st time here and I’d like to thank for for hosting this party.
    I’m sharing my “Trinagular Yeast-Shortbread Cookies” and my “Rocky Road Brownies”
    Thank you again and I hope you have a wonderful day

  2. Steph (The Cheapskate Cook)

    Anne’s pancakes totally stood out to me last week too! Hoping to make them soon. Thanks for hosting!
    I posted a recipe I found and experimented with that makes Amish Friendship bread without the instant pudding mix. Also has whole wheat and sugarless options.

  3. Kristy Lynn

    Holy cow! Pancake apples sound good to me!

    i’ve linked up my recipe for from-scratch pasta with a lemony ricotta, swiss chard, and caramelized onion filling. hello, heaven 🙂

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