Menu Plan Monday 3/26

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This is the sad face I spent nursing this weekend.  He has strep again for the second time this month.


Does anyone else set up a “sick bed” on their couch when someone’s sick?  I used to love laying in my mom’s bed (because she had cable in her room and my tv had DIALS).  But when Carter’s sick, I like to set up his sick bed on the couch.

Now he’s better and the antibiotics have kicked in.  I just hope his appetite returns soon.  He’s too skinny to eat as little as he’s eating.  Here’s what we’re making this week:

Barbeque Chicken Pizza – I made some pizza dough on Sunday.  We can pick off pieces of it to make individual pizzas.  Carter will probably have just cheese and sauce.  I’ll have bbq chicken.

Chicken Pot Pie – Our neighbor is off to South America to build wells, so we’ve invited his wife and son over for dinner.  Thought this would be a good choice to serve them.

Black Bean Quinoa Burgers – I got a surprise package from Alter Eco this weekend, and can’t wait to try out the beautiful rainbow quinoa they sent.

The rest of the nights we’ll probably do leftovers, breakfast for dinner, or eat out.  What are you making this week?

You can find more menu plan ideas at Org Junkie.

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  1. Hungry Mom

    Awww…my older boy has strep (scarlet fever to be exact! that was a surprise)…and we set up a sick bed on the couch too…of course, the littler one wanted a sick bed as well, even though (thankfully) he seems to be healthy. Hope your kiddo feels better soon!!

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