Weekend Spotlight #7

Sorry I’m so late posting.  We just got back from an amazing weekend at Great Wolf Lodge and I just haven’t had time to get online and check out everyone’s links from this week.  But we’re back now, and here I am.  Better late than never!

This week we had a lot of very interesting recipes, but these are 3 that really caught my eye.

Enchilada Stuffed Shells from The Giggling Chef
I’m intrigued by the whole Mexican/Italian hybrid.  I make a mexican lasagna every once in a while but this looks much lighter and fresher.  Love it.
Substitute Honey Liquid Sweeteners Baking with Honey
Baking with Honey from Whole. New. Mom.
When a recipe calls for granulated sugar, I use granulated sugar.  When it calls for honey, I use honey.  I never substitute one for the other because I just never knew how.  Until now.
Light Scalloped Potatoes from Little Mommy, Big Appetite
It’s getting to be that time of year, you know.  The big “T” word, which is NEVER good for my waistline.  But with these potatoes, I can feel a little bit better about what I’m eating.
See y’all tomorrow with a wrap-up of our weekend at Great Wolf, and our menu plan for this week!
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