How to Freeze Onions

Cutting onions is the worst part of prepping a meal.  I absolutely dread it every time.  So when I read this post about freezing onions by Once a Month Mom, I made a mental note.  And then promptly forgot about it.  Because I have the world’s worst memory.

Anyway, we went to do some shopping at BJ’s this past weekend and I picked up a large bag of onions because the price was right.  When we got home, that post came flooding back to me and I had a moment of inspiration.  I was going to chop that bag of onions and freeze them!

All you have to do is peel and quarter the onions, throw them in a food processor, and pulse until they’re the size you want them.  I did about 3 or 4 onions at a time.  I then bagged 1/2 cup servings in snack bags and threw them all in a large freezer bag.
Here’s what I’ll do differently next time though.  The onions froze together in a large clump, so if you don’t want to defrost them first before using them, you should probably scatter them on a cookie sheet first and freeze them that way.  Then, after they’re frozen, you can scoop them into small bags.  That’s the best way to freeze blueberries and strawberries also.
Have you ever frozen onions?  How did it work out for you?

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  1. Lesa @Edesia's Notebook

    I have never frozen onions, but I sometimes will chop up a bunch all at once and store them in a glass dish in my fridge. I would do that all the time if I had a food processor that would do the chopping for me. Great tip, Amy.

  2. Tami

    I haven’t frozen them but I do sometimes chop extra if I know I will be needing them in the next day or two. I do chop up bell peppers and freeze them so they don’t go bad before I get them used up. Great idea!

  3. Becca

    I freeze various vegetables in recipe-sized portions when they’re on sale or we get a lot in our CSA. I find it’s really convenient to get all the cutting done in one session so I don’t have to wash the knife and cutting board every time. Here are my tips for frozen veggies, including instructions for how to cook them when you don’t have time to defrost.

    I save the liner bags from boxes of crackers, cereal, etc. They make really good freezer bags. Although they don’t have zip-tops, they’re so much larger than the portions of food I’m freezing that I can roll over the slack at the top (while pushing out the air) and they stay closed very well. If I’m not putting them inside a larger bag then I put a rubber band around just to make sure.

  4. Hannah L

    I did this once but found even double bagged everything in the freezer ended up smelling and tasting slightly of onions. Any tips for avoiding that again?

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