Chicken Pesto Pasta

We have a 10’ x 20’ plot in our community garden, which is about a mile or so from our house.  It’s sort of a pain to have to drive there, and there’s no running water so we have to bring our own when the rain barrel runs low, but it’s always so fun when we can actually harvest something from there.

This year we got a late start on planting.  It rained every weekend in May so nothing got in the ground until the first week of June.  Our tomatoes are just now starting to flower, but our basil’s doing AWESOME.  I can’t trim it back fast enough.

So what do you do with a ton of basil?  Make pesto, of course.  I’ve made pesto a few times between last year and this year, and it always turns out really well.  The problem is, I don’t use a recipe, so it’s hard to figure out how best to share that with you.  Last time I made it, I took some notes, but the measurements are approximate.  Pesto is the sort of thing that you can just play with and taste and adjust as needed.


Pesto Recipe


  • 1 cup packed basil leaves
  • 6 Tbsp (about 1/4 cup?) extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 cup walnuts
  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt


  1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor and process until smooth.  You may need to add more olive oil if it’s not the consistency you want.

To make the Chicken Pesto Pasta, I just boiled up some noodles that I had laying around, cubed and cooked some chicken, and then tossed it with the pesto.  Really no recipe.

What do you like to do with your basil?

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  1. Cassie

    This looks delicious. Your pesto recipe sounds incredible — I love that you use walnuts, which are so much more affordable than pine nuts, and just as delicious!

    My favorite thing to do with fresh basil in the summer is make it into a compound butter. I just add it to about 4 tablespoons of butter and blend until combined, then spread it liberally on my corn on the cob or grilled veggie kabobs. So, so delicious!

  2. Raquel@Erecipe Free Nutritional Calculator

    not only delicious I am sure that this is one nutritious pasta =)

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